I strongly believe that the traditional academic ethos, which privileges certain forms of writing, speaking and behaviour, is highly restrictive. Some rules of conduct are definitely beneficial for the community - after all, we do need to distinguish sound education and research from rubbish. However, the increasingly prevalent publish-or-perish spirit - coupled with highly elitist distinctions between 'good' and 'bad' schools and publishers, 'academic' and 'non-academic' activities, is often directly opposed to the real nature of education and scientific discovery.

Since late 1990s I have participated, in various capacities, in many EU and non-EU projects. I regularly publish popular science and talk about the relationships between technologies and the society in front of diverse audiences. I relax from education and technologies through engagement in programme and organisation of Scena Amadeo.

My non-academic engagement is dialectically intertwined with its academic counterpart - they mutually inform each other, and aim towards reconciliation at the intersection between educational theory, practice and research. A lot of my public engagement is conducted in Croatian language, because I believe that maintaining linguistic diversity through nourishing national languages is the vital counter-hegemonic practice in the age of globalization.


This is my YouTube channel with recent recorded talks. 


Interviews with me

Lulić, J. (2020). Digitalno znanje u doba korone. Kulturpunkt.    link    pdf

Manero, J. (2019). Interview with Petar Jandrić. Figure/Ground.    link    pdf

Hrga, K. & Matić, . (2016). Neraskidiva veza tehnologije i društva. Zagreb: Slobodni Filozofski. (interview with Petar Jandrić) (text version).    link       pdf



2018 - Programme committee member for the Eleventh International Conference on Networked Learning 2018. 

2016 - Programme committee chair of the first Association of Visual Pedagogies Conference AVPC 2016: Visual Pedagogies and Digital Cultures.

2006 - Programme committee chair of CUC 2006 - Back to the Future.

Paper reviewer for: Tenth International Conference on Networked Learning 2016, Ninth International Conference on Networked Learning 2014,


Selected public talks

Jandrić, P. (2020). Viral Modernity: COVID-19 and the promise of open science. Edinburgh (UK): University of Edinburgh. 22 May.    pdf

Jandrić, P. (2018). Postdigital Science and Education. Edinburgh (UK): University of Edinburgh. 7 December.    

Jandrić, P. (2018). Postdigital Science and Education. Birmingham (UK): Aston University. 6 December.  

Jandrić, P. (2018). Postdigital Science and Education. Wolverhampton (UK): University of Wolverhampton. 6 December.  

Jandrić, P. (2018). Postdigital Science and Education. Paisley (UK): University of the West of Scotland. 5. December. 

Jandrić, P. (2018). Postdigital research in curriculum studies. Sevilla (Spain): University of Sevilla. 

Jandrić, P. (2018). The postdigital challenge of visual pedagogies. Keynote talk given at the 5th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Visual Culture, September 13 - 15, 2018, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.        Link        pdf 

Jandrić, P. (2018). Postdigital Science and Education. Hamilton (New Zealand): University of Waikato. 25 June 2018.    pdf

Jandrić, P. (2018). Postdigital Science and Education. Auckland (New Zealand): Auckland University of Technology. 22 June 2018.    pdf

Jandrić, P. (2018). Critical Pedagogy of Paulo Freire. At the Round Table: Knowledge is not a box. Zagreb City Library.      Link(Croatian)     pdf(Croatian) 

Jandrić, P. (2017). Learning in the age of algorithmic cultures. Lancaster: LUMS Digital Education Unit.  pdf      YouTube recording 

Jandrić, P. (2017). Why techno-optimism / techno-pessimism? Notes on relationships between utopian thinking, scientific inquiry, and technological praxis. Zagreb: International Design Festival Plan D.    link    pdf 

Jandrić, P. (2017). More than Just Words: Education and research in the age of the visual cultures. Edinburgh: Moray House School of Education. pdf 

Jandrić, P. (2015).Critical teaching as hacking the neoliberal agenda. Education and Democracy conference. Athens: Global Center for Advanced Studies and the University of Peloponnese. flyer(pdf-English) talk(pdf-English) GCAS appointment(pdf-English) 

Jandrić, P. (2013). Real gates of virtuality, virtual gates of reality. Praha Anarchist Bookfair (Anarchistický festival knihy), Saturday, 20 April 2013. pdf (English)

Jandrić, P. (2013). Seminar on critical e-learning. Unidade de ensino a distância. Instituto Politecnico de Leiria. Portugal, Leiria, Thursday, 11 April 2013. pdf (Portuguese)  

Jandrić, P. (2012). Academic direct action: jesters in the network society. Resistance and change in science, education and society. Slovenia, Ljubljana & Croatia, Zagreb, Friday, 20 April 2012. pdf (Croatian & Slovenian)

Jandrić, Petar; a3yo (2012). The Network(ed) Revolution: Information and Communication Technologies and Social Movements. Zagreb Anarchist Bookfair (Anarhistički sajam knjiga). Zagreb, Saturday, 31 March 2012. pdf (English)

Selected EU projects and related publications

2017-2019 - RU EU? A game-based approach to exploring 21st century European Identity and Values. Erasmus Plus. 

2016 - "Uspostava sustava razvoja digitalno zrelih škola (Pilot projekt)". Roles: expert and trainer. 2015 - "Jačanje Centra tržišta rada Hrvatskog zavoda za zapošljavanje". Role: expert.

2013 - "SENIORS CARE: Start Education Now to Increase Overall Responsibility for Seniors Care". Role: consultant.

Jandrić, P. & Livazović, G. (2013). Handbook on e-learning for senior citizens. Osijek: Medical School Osijek. pdf (Croatian)

2010-2011 - "Implementing e-learning in order to enhance teaching and learning in vocational programmes in Secondary School Marko Marulić Slatina and Secondary School Isidor Kršnjavi Našice". Role: consultant.

2007-2008 - "The International Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education". Role: trainer. 

Fergusson, D.; Jandrić, P.; Hopkins, R.; Vander Meer, E.; Atkinson, M. (2008). Distributed Computing Education, Part 3: The Winter School Online Experience. IEEE Distributed Systems Online, 9(2008). pdf (English)


Selected popular publications

Since 2002, I published more than 200 popular articles in various Croatian publications. Selected articles include:

Jandrić, P. (2018). Razgovor s prof. Larryjem Cubanom: Dvojbeno obećanje obrazovnih tehnologija - povijesni obrasci i budući izazovi. CARNetov portal za škole.  link(Croatian)   pdf(Croatian) 

Jandrić, P. (2018). Postdigitalna znanost i obrazovanje. CARNetov portal za škole.  link(Croatian)     pdf(Croatian) 

Jandrić, P. (2018). Odgoj, obrazovanje i tehnološki uzrokovana nezaposlenost. CARNetov portal za škole.  Link(Croatian)    pdf(Croatian)

Jandrić, P. (2016). Odgoj i obrazovanje u eri digitalnih kultura. CARNetov portal za škole.    link(Croatian)    pdf(Croatian)

Jandrić, P. (2016). Odgoj i obrazovanje u eri kolonizacije virtualnosti. CARNetov portal za škole.   link(Croatian)   pdf(Croatian)

Jandrić, P. (2016). Tri poruke iz doba geografskih otkrića. CARNetov portal za škole.    link(Croatian)    pdf(Croatian)

Jandrić, P. (2016). Digitalna kreativnost. CARNetov portal za škole. link (Croatian) pdf(Croatian)

Turner, F. & Jandrić, P. (2016). Od tehno-univerzalizma do kiber-libertarijanizma. Zarez, 428(18), 6-7. pdf(Croatian)

Rheingold, H. & Jandrić, P. (2015). Učenje u doba tehnološkog pojačavanja uma. Zarez, 407(17) pdf(Croatian)

McLaren, P. & Jandrić, P. (2014). Kultura borbe protiv neoliberalnog kapitalizma. Zarez, 398-99(16), 8-9. pdf(Croatian)

Between 2012 and 2014, I wrote more than 90 articles in the weekly column entitled Technologies in Education in Školske novine (eng. School News – the official publication for Croatian primary and secondary teachers). A selection of these articles was published in the book Jandrić, P. (2015). Digital Learning. Zagreb: Školske novine & Polytechnic of Zagreb. (In Croatian language). Books

Jandrić, P. (2012). Communication Skills. Zagreb: Zagreb University of Applied Sciences. Link (English). This website was originally written in Croatian language and designed as online textbook for students at the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences. Due to growing interest outside of the academic community, it was translated to English.

Jandrić, P. (2008). From education to McEducation and back: technologies, profit and education. Edupoint, 8(66). Link (Croatian).This article was made prophetic by pure coincidence: it was published in the last issue of the only Croatian journal dedicated to e-learning, Edupoint, before its unfortunate closure due to austerity measures.   

Jandrić, P. (2001). Bog računala i mobitela. Zarez, 68(3). pdf (Croatian)

Jandrić, P. (2001). Doktor za kaos. Zarez, 69(3). pdf (Croatian)

Jandrić, P. (2001). Postanak svemira. Zarez, 70-71(3). pdf (Croatian)

Jandrić, P. (2002). Od tavana do zvijezda. Zarez, 72(4). pdf (Croatian)

Jandrić, P. (2002). Kako doći do bezbroj stvari. Zarez, 74(4). pdf (Croatian)

Jandrić, P. (Ur.). (2002). Od kosti do knjige postanka (temat). Zarez, 75(4). pdf (Croatian)


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